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General Manager

The consummate telecommunications professional, Martin Brière has worked in the field since his university studies in electrical engineering, specializing in telecommunications. His superb understanding of the terrain began as a network technician before going on to become a design engineer. After evolving from wired to wireless networks, he became Manager of the Engineering Department and Network Performance at a major Canadian telecommunications organization. As a Senior Executive in eastern Canada, Martin created from scratch and managed the implementation and operation of a wireless network. He is a skilful senior executive and seasoned expert in all types of networks. Moreover, he shares his skills and knowledge as a consultant for one of the largest consulting firms in the world.




Martin-Philippe Racine is an attentive manager with over 20 years experience in business strategy, marketing and operational management. He has worked primarily in the distribution, manufacture and marketing of technological products and automobiles, as well as a consultant to large enterprises in the successful introduction of management systems and marketing models focused on customer service and profitability. Martin-Philippe is above all a team player who shares his spirit of entrepreneurship and corporate experience.




Telecommunications is a family affair for Pierre Trudel. The son of an entrepreneur, he’s watched technologies evolve since he was very young and has worked in the field since 1990. But his studies were in civil engineering, leading naturally to a productive blend of expertise in construction and telecommunications. Pierre is a man of action and discipline who possesses extraordinary vision and understanding of the industry and marketplace. As our leader, Pierre sees that the entire staff works to reach and surpass clients’ goals and expectations.


Président, Partner

Persuasive and inclusive, Stéphane Ayotte is the founder of Telefil. At the completion of his studies in electronics in 1990, Stéphane was hired by Cogeco, where he worked for 3 years as an installation technician. Seeing the possibilities in becoming a telecommunications entrepreneur, he founded Telefil in 1993. In his honest and forthright manner, Stéphane was able to surround himself with people of complementary skills. These elements have combined to create the Telefil identity. Stéphane’s extensive knowledge of the business and the loyalty that he’s earned from employees and clients are fundamental to the company’s sustainability.

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