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Anjou, Québec, Canada

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Active and adept in the field of wired networks from its beginnings, Telefil has grown into a global leader in the telecommunications industry through its expertise in the deployment of wireless networks. This ability to adapt is recognized as Telefil’s strength: the constant drive to go above and beyond your expectations. To ensure rigorous, high-quality client support and expand our service offering, the company has incorporated the following in-house expertise.


Engineering :

  • Design

    • Rooftops

    • Distributed antenna systems (DAS)

  • Field Survey

    • Safety Code 6

    • RF Propagation


Supply and Installation :

  • Prefabricated Shelters

  • Cable Holders and Antenna Mounts

  • Grounding

  • RF lines, connectors, antennas

  • Power Cables


Network Deployment and Implementation :

  • Rooftop

    • Architectural component

    • Equipment Shed Mounts

    • Antenna Wall Mounts

    • Electrical

      • Electrical supply

      • Grounding

      • Alternative Power Sources, Generators

    • Construction of Equipment Rooms

      • Wood frame or other material

      • Exterior finish: to match existing

  • Remote Sector (smart cell, pico cell) 

    • Turnkey engineering

    • Installation of point-to-point MW

    • Fibre optic

    • Installation and commissioning of sector

  • Interior Systems (DAS)

    • Antenna Wall Mount

    • Electrical

      • Electrical supply

      • Grounding

      • Alternative Power Sources, Generators

    • Installation of optical or structured cabling

    • Antenna and transmission line sweep

    • Commissioning and RF survey

Testing and Certification :

  • Antenna and transmission line sweep

  • Intermodulation testing

  • Resistivity testing

  • RF emission testing (Code 6)

Deployment of Wireless Network Systems