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9500, boul. Parkway,

Anjou, Québec, Canada

H1J 1N9

Telefil is a pioneer in modern telecommunications. Building its expertise by working with numerous cable operators such as Cogeco and Videotron, the company has 25 years of experience in installing and upgrading various types of networks. Over this time, the ever-increasing demand for bandwidth resulted in constant pressure on telecommunications operators to keep their network infrastructures up to date. Telefil was a major contributor to this period of modernization, throughout the province of Québec.

Engineering :

  • Design and Civil Engineering

    • Twisted pair networks

    • Coax networks

      • Coax cable extension and FTTx

      • Network modernization, cell segmentation

    • Fibre optics

      • FTTx

      • B2B

  • Network Survey

  • GIS Mapping Updates

  • Analysis and Design to specific client standards

  • Permit Applications for the addition or dismantling of cables


Supply :

  • Fibre-optic and coax cables

  • Manholes

  • Ducts

  • Exterior shelters


Network Deployment and Implementation :

  • Implementation of Telecommunications Network Infrastructure

  • Installation of Underground Infrastructure:

    • Manholes

    • Vault

    • Concrete Bases for equipment

    • Unblocking ducts

    • Replacement and Repair of ducts

    • Directional Drilling

    • Concrete Foundations

    • Ducts in Open Trench           

  • Specialized Digging: Hydro-Vac and Aero-Vac

  • Foundation and Paving

  • Cable-Pulling: underground, ducts, and above-ground structures

  • Fusion Splicing

    • Ribbon and loose tube

    • OTDR analysis

    • Performance testing and certification

  • Forward, reverse sweeps and performance analysis

  • Installation and Balance of optical nodes and RF

  • Network Modernization

Deployment of Wired Network Systems